Emergency Lighting Control Device

For Generator or Central Inverter Supplied Lighting

Product Summary

  • UL Listed for US and Canada
    Field Installation
  • Full Warranty
    5 years (NOT pro-rata)
  • Input Voltage
    120-277 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • LED Lighting Load Rating
    Up to 10A electronic ballast rating
  • Housing
    UL accepted for use in Plenum, NEMA 1
  • Temperature Rating (Ambient)
    -35° C to 60° C (-30° F to 140° F)
  • Dimensions
    4.5” x 1.675” x 1.32” (114.3 mm x 42.5 mm x 33.5 mm)
  • Weight
    0.43 lbs.

Philips Bodine GTD Generator Transfer Device
UL LISTED for US & Canada


Technical Data Sheets

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