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June 2015

Self-test line expands to LED emergency drivers
Introducing self-testing versions of the BSL310LP & BSL17C-C2

The Philips Bodine BSL310LPST and BSL17C-C2ST Emergency LED Drivers are the automatic solution for testing emergency operation in LED fixtures. They are the first emergency LED drivers in our popular self-test line.

Manually testing emergency lighting can be challenging, especially when multiple fixtures are involved or fixtures are located in hard-to-access locations. However, regular testing is essential. The low-profile BSL310LPST, designed for linear LED strip fixtures, and the BSL17C-C2ST, ideal for downlight fixtures, automatically conduct tests of emergency operation monthly (30 seconds) and annually (90 minutes), in accordance with code.*



In addition, they constantly monitor their battery voltage. If a problem occurs during testing or monitoring, a flashing LED indicator light alerts maintenance personnel.

Both self-testing/self-diagnostic emergency drivers support emergency lighting for a minimum of 90 minutes whenever normal AC power fails. Both are UL Component Recognized for factory installation only.

    Feature Benefit
    Self-testing/self-diagnostic Easy, reliable, code-compliant* testing
    Controlled power; 10W (initial) for BSL310LPST and 7W (initial) for BSL17C-C2ST Provides controlled, predictable discharge
    Universal Input (120-277 VAC) May reduce potential for wiring errors
    15-52 VDC for BSL310LPST; 15-50 VDC for BSL17C-C2ST Operates a wide range of LED loads
    Output Class 2 compliant Delivers application flexibility
    90-minute runtime Meets emergency lighting runtime requirements*
    UL Component Recognized for factory installation only Reviewed by Underwriters Laboratories

    * E.g., NFPA 101® Life Safety Code®

Schools, offices, hospitals, hospitality, retail

Non-self-test versions of these emergency drivers are available. To learn more, visit our LED page

For more information, please contact us at 800.223.5728.

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