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ELI-S-250 gains auto sensing output control upgrade

June 2016

ELI-S-250 dimming upgrade
Automatic dimming allows a group of luminaires to be driven in emergency mode


Philips Emergency Lighting is pleased to announce the upgraded ELI-S-250 emergency lighting inverter. It now features a dimming control output of 0-10V. This dimming capability allows a string of multiple fixtures to be driven in emergency mode at a combined 250W max.

The ELI-S-250 features an auto-sensing dimming control output with an industry standard 0–10 Volts. This automatic dimming capability allows a group of multiple luminaires to be driven in emergency mode at a combined 250 W maximum input power.* The ELI-S-250 is programmed to sense and calculate the necessary output needed to illuminate the connected fixtures, without the use of pre-set dip switches.

This 250 W output power level internally sensed and maintained throughout the emergency situation for 90 minutes minimum. The 0 – 10V room dimmer controls, where used are passed through the ELI-S-250 during normal, non-emergency conditions so normal dimming operations are not affected.

In the event of normal AC power failure, the ELI-S-250 begins providing emergency power to the connected lighting luminaires for a minimum of 90 minutes. A low battery-voltage disconnect circuit protects the inverter batteries from deep-discharge damage during prolonged power outages. When power is restored the ELI-S-250 returns to normal battery-charging mode and the batteries are fully restored within 24 Hours.

* AC input power is always more than the LED or Fluorescent output power rating. Additionally, LED drivers and Fluorescent ballasts operate at a lower input – to – output power ratio in a dimmed condition than they do when operated at full brightness level.

  Wattage Runtime Input Battery Type Special Features


250W 90 minutes 120V or 277V Maintenance-free sealed lead acid Sine wave output; Dimming capability


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