Emergency Lighting News

BDFS Emergency Strobe for egress marking for both occupants AND rescue responders

2019 Articles
ELI-S-100 1.19
BSL310HAZSB 1.19
GTD10DIM, BLCD16DIM auxiliary products 1.19

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Newsworthy events for Philips Emergency Lighting from years past

2018 Articles
New B50CT emergency ballast 4.18 4.18
Introducing the new BSL4SB and BSL8SB emergency LED drivers 3.18
Introducing the new BSL4L emergency LED driver 2.18

2017 Articles
Introducing the UltimateOne combined AC and emergency LED drivers 8.17
New compact-sized LED drivers for linear applications - BSL10LST & BSL6LST 7.17
Combined AC/EM driver technology wins category at Lightfair 2017 5.17

2016 Articles
ELI-S-250 receives automatic dimming upgrade 6.16
Introducing the BDFS36 Emergency Strobe 5.16
Philips Bodine LED ballasts approved for field installation 1.16
Remembering Dick Bodine, founder of the emergency ballast 1.16

Introducing the ELI-S-400 and ELI-S-600 inverters 10.15
B30 and B30ST upgrade 10.15
Self-testing line expands to LED emergency drivers 6.15
Achieving excellence - Philips Bodine continues to win awards for innovation 4.15
BSL310SB adds flexibility to our LED emergency drivers 2.15
The new ELI-S-250 Sinusoidal Inverter 2.15


New low-profile Emergency LED Drivers - the BSL310LP & BSL36LP 10.14
B50 upgrade offers low profile AC Output solution for T5 operation 9.14
BSL17-C2 & BSL17C-C2 Upgrade 6.14
LP600 & LP600STU now LED field installable 3.14
The BSL310 is now field installable 2.14
2014 Obsolete Product List 1.14

Older News

Emergency LED Drivers for cold applications 12.13
Introduction of sinewave inverters 12.13
BSL20 Accepted Into 2013 IES Progress Report 10.13
BSL20s - High Output LED Applications
2011 Red Hot Specs Winners Announced
Philips Bodine Celebrates 50 Years 1.12
BDL94C/BDL940 Obsolete 6.11
Philips Emergency Lighting LED & Inverter Products Win Multiple 2011 Awards 4.11
Philips Qualifies for ARRA 2.10
End-of-Lamp-Life Compatibility 3.09
John Levesque Introduced As General Manager 10.08
LP600STU Wins EC&M Product Category 2007
ARCTIC175 Wins Lightfair's Most Innovative Product 2007
CheckMate Awarded 2006 Product of theYear 2006
ARC Keeper Named EC&M's Product of the Month 2005
Bodine Wins top awards at Lightfair 2004
RCT Wins Product of the Year 2000

Memphis International BBQ Cooking Contest
Memphis BBQ Fest 2007 - "Hognando de Soto"
Memphis BBQ Fest 2006 - "Red Eye Cafe"
Memphis BBQ Fest 2005 - "Pit, Pub & Riverdance Lounge"
Memphis BBQ Fest 2003 - "Memphis Seoul"

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