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Innovative emergency lighting technologies for Canada

Philips Emergency Lighting designs and manufactures award-winning, innovative Philips Bodine emergency and specialty lighting products for LED, Fluorescent & HID lighting in Canada. Philips Bodine CSA Certified emergency ballasts provide instant backup lighting when normal power fails.

Philips Bodine products are award-winning, innovative solutions foremergency and specialty lighting applications. With almost half of a century of experience, Philips Emergency Lighting is the industry leader. We offer a diverse line that includes fluorescent emergency ballasts, LED emergency drivers, HID backup ballasts and generator-compatible products. Philips Emergency Lighting is a division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

We now have inventory in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Philips Bodine 50 Year Anniversary

Canada Customer Service

Toll Free: 1-800-668-9008
Fax: (905) 201-4908

Mail: 281 Hillmount Road
Markham, ON
Canada L6C 2S3

ARC Keeper

The ARC Keeper HID Backup Ballast helps eliminate the downtime common to HID lighting systems. Bodine's ARC Keeper senses these disturbances and "catches" the metal halide lamp arc before the disturbance can threaten the lamp. ARC Keeper models are CSA Certified.

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Solutions Catalog

The 2012 catalog provides information on Bodine products CSA Certified for use in Canada, updated price conversions and features a pull-out chart for quick product reference and comparison. You may request a copy by contacting the factory at 800-223-5728.

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