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Philips Emergency Lighting designs and manufactures award-winning, innovative Philips Bodine emergency and specialty lighting products. We offer a diverse line that includes fluorescent emergency ballasts, HID backup ballasts, generator-compatible products, emergency LED drivers and inverters. With half of a century of experience, Philips Emergency Lighting leads the way in Emergency Lighting Solutions.

BSL17-C2 and BSL17C-C2 Upgrade
Universal upgrade makes the drivers more robust and helps reduce the possibility of installation errors.
LP600 / LP600STU InstantFit Upgrade
Now UL Listed for field installation with Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamps.
LP600 & LP600STU

BHD94GU is new for hazardous location fixtures

BHD94GU replaces the BHD65U for compacts
BHD94GU Fluorescent Emergency Ballast is suitable for use in Class l, Division ll type fixtures.

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Buzzer removed from RediTest

Buzzer Option Removed from RediTest
The audible alarm has been removed from the RediTest line. The flashing LED indicator will continue to alert in the case of faulty conditions.

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